Improved interface

We improved our user interface for usability. Contrast with layout and data are now better and we also added breadcrumbs in the menu bar for better navigation in the system.

Dashboard home page configuration

There is now possibility to set homepage for personal, team and company level. User administrators can modify default home pages and each user can personalize their
own home page.

Users can copy existing page as a base or then create from scratch.

See more detailed instructions on home pages

New single value/gauge chart type

You can now define single value and/or gauge chart type. Gauge chart type supports bands where you can define start and end values for bands that you want to monitor. E.g. low band for low performance and high band for stellar performance.

Stacked chart now supports stacking by different dimensions

Now you can stack with indicator formula structure and also by internal (legal unit, function) and external structures (product, customer etc) too.

New timeframe settings

We also brought new time frame settings for charts that set default chart options when showing in dashboard page or in TV. Now you can set:

  • chart to work with explicitly defined time data (day, week, month, year) or use the default where system selects the most detailed time data
  • chart to align time period in the chart to orient different usage types such as all (showing all periods we have data), past (orient some periods to the past. Default) or future (orient to the future periods, useful for seeing forecast numbers or similar)

Custom names and value display

Now you can also use custom names for indicators. By default system generates a chart visible name based on selected options: Indicator name, filters and dimension options. Now you can override that for simpler and more usable chart.

Also you can show values above the chart if you want. This replaced previous "highligh" functionality that was available in chart mode.

Dasshboard sharing

You can now share selected parts of dashboards to external users via email. Your comments and pictures of dashboards are sent.

Poll period answers to email

Now system automatically sends you email when poll period has closed or all respondants have answered to the poll. You can get a short recap about the results and possibility to drill down to details.

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