Getting started
  • 29 Aug 2019
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Getting started

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Article summary

What this is

4Straction API is REST based, Swagger compliant API for developers that want to use 4Straction API to integrate 4Straction more tightly into their management system process.

What you can do

Commong scenarios for API usage are:

  • Posting news to users newsfeed
  • Synchronize Corporate information such as products, customers etc
  • Synchronize KPI data from upstream system to 4straction
  • Adding meta information to KPI data (semi-structured information, comments, analyses etc)
  • Adding or editing users

How to get started

Here is quick quide for you to get started:

  • Get a normal user account to 4straction
  • Ask partner key from 4straction support
  • Start with a sandbox or a customer database for testing
  • Test and deploy

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