Creating and accessing workshops
  • 06 Mar 2023
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Creating and accessing workshops

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Article Summary

1. Creating a workshop

Workshops are created and managed in Co-Creation: 

Users can select to use an existing workshop template, create a new template or add an empty workshop and build it from scratch. When creating a new workshop, you can select to do it either as standalone or group-facilitated workshop. Available options depend on the user's role: 

  • Facilitators can do everything: create and edit workshop templates, create a workshop from a template or add an empty one.  
  • Managers can only use an existing template or add an empty one.
  • Participants can't create workshops, they can only join the ones they are invited to. 

When user creates a workshop, it is opened immediately.

2. Inviting participants

Once the workshop is created, you can invite participants to it in two ways: invite (registered) users with email or create a public link anyone can use

Note: Users can be invited and join at any stage of the workshop, as long as its not closed.  

2.1 Inviting users with email 

Users can be invited from three places in the workshop: Front page, General settings or Participant tracking

The front page contains "+ Add"-button that you can use to invite users: 

General settings also allow you to invite new users: 

Participant tracking, always located in the top right corner, also allows you to invite users at any stage of the workshop: 

2.2 Creating a public link

If you want to enable access to the workshop also to those individuals that don't have a 4straction account, you can create a public link. Public links are accessible by anyone with a browser and internet connection. Public links can be generated from two places: Front page and Participant tracking: 

3. Accessing workshops

Workshops can be accessed via the invitation link or from the service

The invitation link that was sent to your email or shared to you by the facilitator opens the workshop in a new browser tab.

4straction users can also access workshops that they have created or been invited to from the service by clicking them in Co-Creation or home page's Workshops-tab: 

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